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Holiday and Fitness in one!

You can’t go very far these days without hearing about the latest fitness craze or diet, how to train and what to eat. However there are a handful of cities that are a step ahead of the rest when it comes to being active and healthy. Here are my three top picks if you fancy a trip that combines fun and fitness!

  • LA.

Whether it’s hiking up Runyan Canyon or burning those calories through the night at the 24 Hour Fitness Gyms, LA has it all. If it’s outdoor action that you’re after, Santa Monica beach provides the ultimate spot for running or cycling along the beautiful coastline. Head slightly further down the beach and you will find the famous ‘Muscle beach’, the ideal spot for flexing those muscles in the sunshine. Alternatively yoga and pilates studios are about as commonplace as Starbucks and the ultimate accessory for any LA resident is of course the exercise mat! Alongside this heart-raising mentality the city also boasts an array of juice bars and smoothie counters to offer the perfect post workout boost.

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  • Tulum, Mexico

Located on a beautiful stretch of white beach, Tulum ticks all the boxes for a fitness and health orientated zone. If it’s bootcamp you’re after they have it nailed with ‘Bikini bootcamp’ offering an adventurous fitness schedule combined with a healthy eating programme. Tulum is a major hotspot for yoga fans, with a focus on spiritual well being and physical fitness culminating in annual world class yoga events. There is no shortage of alternative activities in the region, with canoeing, cycling and even pyramid climbing all on offer. Food wise Tulum has a huge range of healthy options, with juice bars and organic restaurants offering the healthiest of salads.

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  • Stockholm

Only 9 percent of Swedes say they never do any exercise, so it’s not surprising that Stockholm is one of the three cities we feel has got it right when it comes to fitness and well being. The city is full of a wide variety of gyms (once again we find the 24 hour option), offering a range of workout opportunities, from spinning to wall climbing, whilst equally promoting outdoor activity such as hiking and cycling, making the most of the cities beautiful outdoor areas. Stockholm is also packed with vegetarian & organic restaurants, health food stores and juice bars to compliment their healthy lifestyle.

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