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Bikini body ready...!

We’ve all been there, that moment the week before you jet off to your well earned holiday and realise that you just don’t feel bikini body ready. Fear not, it really is never too late to make simple changes that will make a significant difference, so as you hop on that plane you have a renewed confidence and feel ready to strip off in the sun! Follow these 5 simply yet effective tips to get you in tip top shape in those final pre holiday days. Good luck!

  • Eat SUPER clean.

Cut down on processed starchy foods and carbs which contribute to inflammation and bloating, such as white bread, pasta and cakes. Stick to lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and whole grains which will have the opposite effect in terms of eliminating the toxins. Filling up on protein will also make you feel full for longer which in turn should stop you needing to snack.

  • Reduce alcohol intake.

Not only will this reduce your calorie intake but it will also prevent those all too familiar post alcohol food cravings. Furthermore, hangovers leave you less likely to get up and feel energised for that morning work out which is key in the bikini body preparation process!

3. High intensity interval training - HIIT

HIIT is the fastest and most effective way to burn fat and kick start your metabolism in a short, intense period of time. Hardcore exercises such as sprinting or burpes, combined with short breaks will get you sweating and working the whole body whilst at the same time toning up all those areas that will be on show once you hit the beach.

  • Decrease your sodium intake and increase your water intake

Sodium holds onto water which can leave you feeling and looking bloated so limit foods with excess salt and avoid adding it to any meals. Instead drink plenty of water which will help to flush out the body. Herbal teas are another good shout as they also aid digestion remove toxins and de bloat the stomach.

  • Get a Spray tan:

Tanning up will help out in two ways. Firstly it will take away the attention from any body imperfections such as stretch makes or cellulite and instead give you an all over healthy looking glow. It also creates the illusion of slimness which is key when spending the day in a bikini! Let’s not forget a spray tan is also the safest way to bronze up AND it won’t give you wrinkles!



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