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The British 10k race!

This morning thousands took to the streets of London for the British 10k: elite runners; those who were perhaps training for a half marathon or the full 26 miles and were keen to get some race practise in; and then the masses, taking on a personal challenge and many of whom raising an amazing amount of money for some fantastic charities.

I have done the British 10k several times now and it really is one of the best races out there, taking in the best parts of the London Marathon and offering runners and spectators the opportunity to view a huge number of the city's iconic landmarks on route. Lining up at the start and standing amongst the 25,000 competitors, most running in support of a great cause or to commemorate the loss of a loved one, is both humbling and emotional.

(yes that is the WHOLE of Piccadilly lined with runners!)

This year I had several clients running the race, all of whom had put in the hours come rain or shine to train for this big day. Speaking to them ahead of the race there were mixed emotions of both nerves and excitement. I have to say I felt fairly responsible for getting them all involved, and whilst I knew it would be a challenge for every single one of them, I also had faith that they would ultimately complete the run and feel a huge sense of achievement having done so.

Following the race I received this feedback from one of my clients..

I suggested running the 10k to Ema much earlier this year as something to work towards. Whilst this was something she would never have dreamed of doing, she set herself the challenge, trained unbelievably hard and in the end achieved this amazing goal, simultaneously raising an amazing £1460 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The race also provided one client the opportunity to change her perception of running....

It is worth noting that this specific client went from collapsing after running to the station one day, to getting out of bed at 5.30am to pound the pavements several times each week. This morning she completed the 10k in extremely respectable time of 69 minutes.

As a trainer it is hugely rewarding to see clients take such a huge journey and I felt tremendously proud of everyone that I worked with leading up to the race, all whom worked so hard to complete the challenge.

Setting goals and targets is an amazing way to focus your training and exercise regime: whether it be a 5km power walk, a long distance bike ride, a mountain climb or even the full marathon. In doing so you have something solid to work towards and will feel motivated to train hard, commit to something tangible and in the end gain a sense of accomplishment.

When you cross that finishing line and recieve a fabulous medal to celebrate your success, you will ultimately feel that your hard work has paid off. (....cheesey picture alert!)

If you are considering signing up for a walk, race or other challenge and need some training advice feel free to get in touch and I can help you set a plan in motion to achieve your goal.

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