• Emma Bord

It's been a while... the postnatal journey begins!!

Well it has been a while since I have posted a blog, video or even updated my website (2 babies are my excuse!!) but as I return back to exercise and personal training over the next few weeks I felt it a good time to pick things up again! My intentions are to share my journey from now - 4 weeks post natal - to full fitness, offering exercise tips and training points not just for those also returning after having a baby, but all round workout videos and routines to help motivation everyone and anyone who is keen to get moving and have some fun with their gym routine.

Over the next few weeks (after I am 6 weeks post natal) I will also be using some of my maternity leave to try out a variety of exercise classes, not only to get me moving but as research for when I am back to work, so will share my feedback on here as well. (it will be good to feel what it is like to be tortured like some of my clients!!)

To start with I felt it appropriate to share my latest video. After having a baby it is imperative to wait at least 6 weeks to begin any exercise programme (longer if you have had a c section) but there are certain muscles that should be strengthened as soon as you can: the core and the pelvic floor, both of which have been weakened through pregnancy and childbirth. Executed correctly these can really help in your recovery and will stand you in good stead for the future (in basic terms stop you wetting yourself!!)

I want to add that whilst these are key post natal moves they are equally good for anyone keep to strengthen their core or those suffering with back problems - so basically everyone should really give them a go!!

The following 5 exercises should be done slowly and with control, keeping the core engaged throughout by thinking about drawing your belly button towards your back. Aim for one minute of each exercise and if you do feel any discomfort or feel you are doing something incorrectly please do stop as safety on these is of key importance.

Exercises: - heel glides - superman - pelvic tilts - cat/cow pose - abdominal bracing (ten second holds at a time)

If you have any questions about these exercises please do get in touch.

Will be back with more exercise fun very soon (if you have any workout/video/tip requests fire away!)



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